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Scout's and Zoe's Husky Den

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~ Our Friends - Page 2 ~


T-Bone in bed
T-Bone in Bed - 5 weeks

Visit T-Bone's

T-Bone lives in Hammond, Louisiana with his mommy, Kristy Kincade and daddy, Chris Norris. He is a lab mix.

T-Bone Reading
T-Bone Reading with Dad


Jen's Kids - Sheba, Natasha, and Harley

Tasha and HarleyThis is Harley and Natasha "Tasha". Harley, on the left, is Tasha's mom. Harley is 6 years old and Tasha will be 5 on July 28, 1999. Tasha was trained for search and rescue! According to Jen, their mom, Harley and Tasha are both very good dogs. Visit Jen at Amarook's Den!

Visit Sheba's
Tribute Page


2 Very Cool Dachshunds!

AnnieA n n i e

B e r t h aBertha

You can meet Annie & Bertha at their web site!
Or start out at their mom's site, Kay Cee's Korner.



My name is Dakota. My mom thought you would like a picture of me for your friends photo page. Here is one that was taken of me recently. It's not a very good picture, but it shows me doing what I do best! When I am outside (which is more often than not since I love it out there so much!) I love to get up on top of my dog house. I stand up there and play king of the hill, I sit up there for a good howl, and I even sleep up there. It's just my favorite place to be :o) I am 3 years old, and I live in Oregon. I adopted my family (the Meyer's) when I was just 13 weeks old, and had them wrapped around my paw in no time at all! I hope you like my picture!


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Will Work for Bones!!!

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