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Scout's and Zoe's Husky Den

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~ Our Friends ~


Dixie and Daisy Fisher

Dixie & Daisy Fisher live in LaMonte, Missouri, where they have 5 acres to run and play ...under a watchful eye, of course! Dixie and Daisy are the best of friends, and bring their owners, Mickey and Bob Fisher, more joy and happiness than anything else.

Daisy May Fisher
Daisy May Fisher
will be 3 in May, 1999.

Dixie Doe FisherDixie Doe Fisher
will be 3 in December, 1999.



Sergei Brave Chief Tecumseh

This little guy's name is Sergei. He's the pup of Nakita and Jonah of Freeze Siberians. If you would like to see a bunch of pictures of Siberians, or just meet some nice on over to the Freeze's website.

This is Baby at 5 years old. She was a wonderful dog, and very Siberian Huskies are. :) She knew what "Want to go walking?" meant and would run to the door and sit and wait for her owner to come and take her walking. At Christmas time she would bark at any snowman she saw. That is the only time she ever barked, ever! (Honest, isn't that funny?!!) Baby passed away due to heart problems, and is dearly missed by her owner.


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