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~About Us~

Meet Scout & Zoe



I was born at Burr Oaks Kennel in Endeavor, Wisconsin, on October 4, 1995. My mom and dad brought me home to Amherst Junction, Wisconsin, when I was 10 weeks old. As soon as I met my parents, I knew I was going to have a good life. They fell in love with me immediately...most likely because of my good looks ...but anyway...

One of the things I enjoy doing most is RUNNING! I love to run! Just hearing that word makes me go crazy. Mom and Dad had to start spelling the word out when I'm around because the mere sound of that word makes me start jumping up and down. Spelling the word out didn't work for very long. I'm too smart! When I hear them say "R" now, I know I'm about to go for a run. I've ran in some 10k runs with my mom. I could take first place in all of them if it wasn't for her. In the summer, we run about 4 miles a day. That keeps me in great shape.

People are always stopping us on the street to tell us how handsome I am. Sometimes, I let this get to my head and I start to act like I KNOW I'm good looking, but other times I just get borred with hearing it and I ignore the people gawking over me.

Because I love to run so much, my parents have to keep me on a runner when I'm outside for a little while.  I figured out how to get out of our fenced-in yard, so my parents had to lay down the more running around the neighborhood for me. I know that this is only for my protection.

When I was about 10 months old, my parents decided that I needed a sister. That's when Zoe came into my life.



I was born on April 12, 1996, in Amherst, Wisconsin. I was born only a few miles from where my mom and dad live. When I first came home, my brother had to let me know that he was the boss of the house. I decided to let him believe he was. Once in awhile, like when he wants my bone or something, I have to put him in line...but other than that, I'm pretty easy going.

Actually, my mommy says I'm a real lover. In the morning, she tells me to "Go give Dad kisses". See, I'm my Dad's alarm clock. When it's time for him to get up, I jump up on his bed and kiss him all over his face. He loves it, too.

I love bones. Give me a bone and you can keep me occupied for hours. When my mom and dad bring new bones home, my brother always has me get them broke in and THEN he takes the one he wants. Whichever one I have though, that's the one he wants. Boys! I tell you.

I don't have to stay on a runner like my brother does. I like to tease him sometimes when he's on his runner. I bark at him and get him all riled up but I make sure to back up just enough so that he is at the end of his runner, and can't reach me. Just because I'm blonde doesn't mean I don't have smarts.

I'm mommy's little girl. We like to shnuggle together in the evening and watch movies. I'm a very good shnuggler. Maybe that's why my full name is "Snowy Zoe Shnuggle Bear". Most people just call me Zoe though.



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